The seizures experienced by sufferers of epilepsy can be debilitating, for the fear alone of a seizure occurring outside their home, in public.
Would you know what to do if you saw someone having a seizure?

Card Assist allows you to have vital emergency information at your fingertips, should a seizure occur unexpectedly.

Epilepsy is a common condition in our community and can develop at any age to anyone. It is estimated that nearly 800,000 people in Australia will be diagnosed with epilepsy at some stage in life. Epilepsy was once considered a disorder of the young as it was believed that most people experienced their first seizure before the age of 20. However, the over 55 years age group is now being recognised as being the most vulnerable group.

Cause, type, and frequency of seizures vary from person to person and those who have seizures on a ongoing basis are more prone to the potential risks associated with living with Epilepsy.

The evaluation and management of risk needs to take into account the persons seizures and their unique circumstances. Card Assist stores information on your person, easily accessed by medical emergency personnel. Epilepsy sufferers should have the following details at hand in case of an emergency:

Type of seizure's

Known triggers

A description of the seizure pattern

Who to contact in an emergency

Name & dose of anti-epileptic medications, and

The time medication is administered.

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Card Assist can give a small piece of mind to know that vital information regarding your health can be found immediately and you can contact your family or even communicate an important message.

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